McCain remembered for bipartisanship, decisive Obamacare vote

Sen. John McCain was memorialized by Republicans and Democrats on Sunday for his willingness to get to across the aisle and break together with own party even though it doomed the GOPs intends to undo Obamacare.

Sen. Jeff Flake said he admired his fellow Arizona Republican for casting the deciding vote against an invoice recently that will have repealed Democrats signature health care law.

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, McCains one-time Senate colleague, said the medical care fight had been a heartbreaking episode for guys who knew how the Senate couldnt work as we didnt band together.

Flake, who supported the failed Obamacare repeal effort, said McCains vote was John through and through.

John McCain is quintessentially Arizonan, Flake said in the CNN interview. Hes a maverick. Hes independent. I didnt vote exactly the same way he did, nonetheless admired him for doing what he did.

Flake said McCains biggest issue when was that Republicans werent working all over the aisle.

He had been a huge institutionalist and loved the Senate considering that the Senate forces individuals and parties to get together and wasnt mainly because, he stated. And we havent been that type of institution for a time.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), who with Sen. Ak senate (R-Alaska) also voted against undoing the medical care law, said on CNN that McCain felt very strongly about nearly all issue he tackled, but it had never been within partisanship.

Collins recalled the huddle among the many three Republicans before McCain cast his vote.

Lisa and i also crossed the Senate floor to where John was sitting, and then we knew he was battling with the issue, she said. We sat down and commenced listening to him. website a sudden he pointed to your a couple us and said, You two are right. And thats when I knew which he was going to vote no.

Collins said she then felt a tap shoulder that it was V . p . Mike Pence, who was transported to come up with a last-ditch appeal to McCain to offer with a top GOP campaign pledge.

I stepped aside to make sure they might well have their conversation, she said. But once John McCain made his mind about something, there was no shaking him, and I knew that he can be there around the final vote.

In interviews with NBC, Hillary Clinton said McCain really understood while in the marrow of his bones what it really meant to be as a famous and in what way important it was for people like us to, yes, disagree and differ, but, soon after a single day, to come together, to the office together, to trust oneself for getting things done.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in an interview with ABC, remembered working closely with McCain on veterans issues along with his signature campaign finance reform law.

He was generous together with sharing of credit to my colleagues, she said. But in fact what he did was a fairly remarkable thing for your country, preserving our freedoms.

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